Our vision

Our vision consists of VIC bringing together independent and employed providers to actively evaluate and modify practice patterns in order to control costs and ensure quality across the continuum of care. Through these efforts, we envision being able to enter into value-based contracts with payers and employers who share our goal of managing costs while enhancing quality and patient outcomes.

Our goals include:

  • Further enhancing the delivery of quality care through the use of sophisticated analytics and care management services
  • Partnering with providers who are committed to developing and implementing clinical care pathways
  • Offering tools and services to assist providers in meeting the goals of the network
  • Developing network adequacy that will fulfill needed patient access across payers
  • Optimize the potential for a provider to practice medicine by participating in:
  • Commercial value-based and risk-based contracting and preferred networks
  • Bundled payment arrangements


Joining VIC will give providers the opportunity to work together to develop and implement clinical practice guidelines that could ultimately result in savings for utilization reduction and quality improvement. The way providers currently bill for services will not change. However, VIC offers an opportunity for providers to maintain and strengthen sustainable professional reimbursement through value-based contracts that layer on top of the current fee-for-service model.


Meeting and adhering to new criteria for payers, while meeting quality metrics takes time, energy and expense, and individual and group physician offices often lack resources to comply with these criteria. VIC is developing a comprehensive range of services for participants to purchase separately or together to address various issues practices might be facing. This suite of shared service offerings leverages years of expertise, technology and clinical outcomes designed to concentrate on the clinical aspects of care, while enhancing outcomes, gaining efficiency, and reducing costs. Target