Why join Vidant Integrated Care?

Providers face many challenges due to health care reform, but also have several options available to manage this risk. From employment to affiliation to owning your own Accountable Care Organization (ACO), we have seen groups take several paths to achieving their mission. So why should you consider participating in VIC as it develops a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN)? We believe our offering allows both employed and independent providers the ability to maximize quality, manage practice expenses, improve patient outcomes, and participate in value-based contracts.

Lead by Design Physician leadership is critical to the success of Vidant Integrated
Care. The Board of Managers, as well as Vidant Integrated Care’s
committees, will be comprised of and led by physicians.
Remain independent Working with Vidant Integrated Care allows providers to retain
their independence while gaining partners that have proven
experience and successes in value-based models.
Add Value In a CIN, providers may be eligible for contractual arrangements
with payers and employers that financially recognize physicians’
efforts to improve quality and efficiency. In the Vidant Integrated
Care Network, providers will share in risk across the network via
value-based contracts.
Collaborate A CIN gives both employed and independent providers the opportunity
to work together to develop clinical care pathways, implement
quality initiatives, analyze outcomes through data analytics,
improve patient engagement, and ultimately see measurable
improvements in patient outcomes.
Manage Risk Joining Vidant Integrated Care can help independent providers
prepare for and benefit from changing reimbursement models
that are tied to value-based metrics.